Ms. Madison always the legend. The ultimate best in bachelor party entertainment.Madison set the tone and raised the bar for all female party in home entertainment. Madison was a very popular at a club in the south bay for a long time.

Known for putting on the best bachelor party and stage shows.She is loved by so many and envied and hated as well. Madison has changed and improve this industry. The "Mastermind" on the inside to the business. Also very strong creative influence on the party structure for all female party stripper entertainment today. Her Style of a true performer, there will never be again. Shes always imitated but will never be duplicated.Those who know her, and so many of you do. Do respect and thank her. She taught and influenced most all of you on the dance level and the business level. So for the ALL of you, you know who you are. Because of her you wouldn't be doing what you are. So deep down inside of you, you will always have much respect for her. Her presence in this business has been very important. Without it. the industry today may not have been as good as it is now. She makes everyone have to work a little harder! Always remembered...............

Dancer available for all occasions.

All female dancers go fully NUDE for partys of MEN only. Partys where there are MEN and WOMEN mixed, may request the female dancer to go NUDE, TOPLESS or down to BIKINI only.

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